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I am Imad Younis and I am working in the tailoring shop for more than 15 years: At first in the tailoring shop of my uncle, in which I learned the handcraft. Some years later, after I moved to Libanon, I learned the pattern making at the designer Pohl Radi. I specialized in women's fashion. Afterwards, I worked as the chief in a tailoring shop before I came to Germany. Here in Düsseldorf I am now the leader of my own tailoring shop.

profil of the owner and tailor Imad Younis

Tailoring Shop

You have the idea of an extraordinary dress or of a costume that fits your body perfectly? You appreciate wearing perfect fitting blouses, skirts and trousers? With your wishes, come to my shop. Nearly everything is possible.

If you are a design student and work with fancy fabric or you want to see your design not only on paper, please contact me. I have gained experience with many different fabrics and cuts and have realized many designs.


No matter whether business suit, wedding dresses, festive evening wear or fur, I alter, shorten and make everything fit to your wishes.

If your favourite sweater has a hole or your dress has a spot that cannot be removed or the seam of your trousers disperses, just drop in and I will help you.

Recycling / Upcycling

If you think that an alteration does not help anymore to fix the hole in your favourite sweater …
just come around! I have lots of ideas and I will try to give your old clothes a new life.
Furthermore, this is also advantageous for our environment because already existing materials and fabrics are recycled and used once more. The advantage for you is definitely the price! It is most of the time much cheaper to recycle an old dress than to buy a new one.

Shirt Service

I wash and clean your shirts professionally and I iron them manually.

Cleaning Service

I wash and clean your clothing. No spot is too tough, everything will be clean again.

Fast Service

I fit has to be ready very fast, you can book my Fast Service and I will finish your order in 1-2 hours.


I would like to give you some impressions of my shop and my work. Here you can see with which fabrics I work and how my shop is equipped.

tailored wedding dress
many colorfull yarn rolls
workplace of a tailer with a Yuki Overlock in the foreground and yarn rolls in the background
a piece of textile
cleaning a crack in a jacket
yarn rolls

Price List

Because every tailored piece is individual and unique, the price varies for each order. Just drop in, tell me your order and I will give you a price range.
  • from   8,00 € - Shortening
  • from 12,00 € - Tightening
  • from 12,00 € - Widening

  • from 12,00 € - Shortening
  • from 12,00 € - Tightening
  • from 14,00 € - Widening

  • from 20,00 € - Shortening
  • from 18,00 € - Tightening
  • from 20,00 € - Widening

Blazers / Jackets
  • from 32,00 € - Shortening
  • from 24,00 € - Tightening
  • from 22,00 € - Widening
  • from 30,00 € - Sleeves Shortening

  • from 32,00 € - Shortening
  • from 24,00 € - Tightening
  • from 22,00 € - Widening

  • from 12,00 € - Shortening
  • from 10,00 € - Tightening
  • from 14,00 € - Sleeves Shortening

  • from 14,00 € - Zippers

We sew and alter curtains, pillows, furs and leather as well. Prices on request.
Because every tailored piece is individual and unique, the price varies for each order. Just drop in, tell me your order and I will give you a price range.
For each cleaned and manually ironed shirt I charge 2,50€.
for the Chemical Cleaning
  • from   5,00 € - Ties
  • from   4,50 € - Blouses
  • from   5,00 € - Vests
  • from   9,00 € - (with impregnation)
  • from   8,50 € - Cardigans
  • from   5,00 € - Sweaters
  • from   6,50 € - Trousers
  • from 15,00 € - Suits
  • from   8,50 € - Skirts
  • from 17,50 € - Costumes
  • from 12,50 € - Dresses
  • from 17,50 € - Poplin Jackets (with impregnation)
  • from 19,50 € - Poplin Coats (with impregnation)
  • from 19,50 € - Down Jackets (with impregnation)
  • from 22,50 € - Down Coats (with impregnation)
  • from 13,50 € - Wool Coats
  • from   5,00 € - Gowns

All prices include special finish and antistatic . Hardly stained clothes (smudges etc.) require special treatment which will be charged additionally.

Preise auf Anfrage.

Customer Reviews

Das sagen unsere Kunden über uns:

Becca R.

Ich habe bei Herrn Younis mein Brautkleid anpassen lassen. Er hat den Unterrock gekürzt, einen Taillengürtel angefertigt und eine Stickerei aufgebracht.
Er arbeitet sehr professionell, ist freundlich und hat alle meine Wünsche genau nach meinen Vorstellungen umgesetzt.
Vielen Dank dafür!

Yasmin Tee

Ein wirklich exzellenter Schneider. Sehr kompetent, hört genau zu und erfüllt jeden Wunsch. Immer ein top Ergebnis. Wir sind immer sehr zu Frieden und können ihn jederzeit weiterempfehlen für jeden Anlass, Business, Feierlichkeiten und Freizeit Mode. 👍

Kinsuk Roy

(Übersetzt von Google) Imad Younis ist ein toller Kerl. Ich habe seine Dienste in den letzten drei Jahren in Anspruch genommen und er war immer wunderbar. Seine Arbeit ist von höchster Qualität.
Ich nutzte seinen Wäscheservice und meine Kleidung wurde immer gut behandelt. Ich habe auch seinen Schneiderservice genutzt und seine Handwerkskunst ist erstklassig. Ich werde Ihnen wärmstens empfehlen, ihn für fast alle Dienstleistungen im Zusammenhang mit Kleidung zu besuchen.

(Original) Imad Younis is a great guy. I have availed his services for the last three years and he always been wonderful. His work is of top quality.
I used his laundry service and my clothes were always treated well. I used his tailoring service as well and his craftsmanship is top notch. I will highly recommend you to visit him for almost any clothes related services.

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I am easy to contact and I am looking forward to get to know you. Just call me, write an e-mail, fill in the contact formula or come to my shop in Münster-street in the very heart of Düsseldorf Derendorf.